Universal Prekindergarten in NY

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Center for Educational Equity

Establishing Universal Access to Prekindergarten as a Constitutional Right

This report scans policy and legal precedents across the country to build the case for a right to pre-K as part of the constitutional guarantee of a free public education. Specifically, we recommend a broad rights-based initiative to establish universal access to pre-K for all three-and four-year-olds. We argue that an initiative could build the public will, resources, and continuing research to realize the full potential benefits of universal pre-K to individual children and to society at large.

Briefing Guide - Establishing Universal Access to PreKindergarten as a Constitutional Right

This document provides a quick look at the key legal and policy arguments, research and analysis that support the case for creating the bedrock of a well-defined right to early education for all. 

Securing the Future of New York's Children

With the strong leadership of Governor Andrew Cuomo, solid support from the state legislature, the Regents, and the New York State Education Department, and the unwavering commitment of Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City, New York State has made significant strides over the past year in expanding access to high-quality full-day prekindergarten across the state. With this important momentum and committed leaders, the state is now in a position to make pre-kindergarten truly universal. But to do so, several aspects of the existign legislation must be modified, and the funding system must be stabilized at an adequate level.

Making Pre-Kindergarten Truly Universal

The research is conclusive: Providing a high-quality early childhood education is crucial if we are to reach our state and national goals of educational equity and excellence, preparing children for college and career. The federal government, states throughout the country, and the courts are increasingly recognizing this reality. This report provides a detailed roadmap for making high-quality, full-day pre-K available for all three and four year olds in New York State over an eight-year period.

American Early Childhood Education: Preventing or Perpetuating Inequity?

As part of a peer-review series of research reviews commissioned by the Center for Educational Equity (formerly Campaign for Educational Equity) from Teachers College faculty and other national experts from such centers as the Harvard Family Research Project and the National Center for Children and Families, Sharon L. Kagan surveys the research literature on early childhood education.